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{rotation 4}

DAMNDAMNDAMN Forgot the request again -__-;; Oh well...uploading it right now ^_^;; So you get two extra songs this rotation :P

Sorry for the lateness x.x;; I was moving to my new house the past week or so and am now finally settled in ^_^ Anyways, I'll stop with my rambling and let you download :P


1. Song: Neogrotesque
Artist: Pierrot
Genre: JRock
Language: Japanese
Description: (2.75 MB, 4:16)
(translated) Those all too perfect life plans as well,
Can be blown to smithereens with a single missle

Another song written by Aiji. At first, I didn't like this song all that much but I've really grown to like it, even love it ♥ It's got a nice rock beat to it, and as usual, an awesome guitar solo (of course, you all know I love Aiji right? <3). I don't know why but I think of Miyavi everytime I listen to this song o.o;; A msut-have for anyone who likes Pierrot ;P
Download: [mirror 1] [mirror 2]

2. Song: Cross With You
Artist: Suwabe Junichi (Atobe's song in Prince of Tennis)
Genre: JPop-Rock
Language: Japanese
Description: (3.89 MB, 4:15)
(translated) The world's rule is filled with changes
Energy floods, spirit still changes
I'm cross with you

Suwabe Junichi has a GODLY voice *_* My favorite song sang by him ♥ This song puts me in awe ^_^
Download: [mirror 1] [mirror 2]

3. Song: The Sun Also Rises
Artist: Holstein
Genre: JRock
Language: Japanese
Description: (3.52 MB, 2:34)
Can't seem to find the lyrics ^^;;;
Holstein is amazing ♥ It's a bit on the soft side of rock but still awesome. Though you can barely understand a word he says...I couldn't even tell if it was in English or Japanese ^^;;
Download: [mirror 1] [mirror 2]

4. Song: Super Lover
Artist: w-inds
Genre: JPop
Language: Japanese
Description: (7.32 MB, 3:12)
Everybody, move your body
Have a party all night long
Let's get together, sing the song

xDDD Definitely a download for laughs ♥ It's really catchy but not quite a serious song. :P The title already tells you that much ^^;;
Download: [mirror 1] [mirror 2]

5. Song: Tightrope
Artist: Charcoal Filter (ET for Gensoumaden Saiyuki)
Genre: JPop/Rock
Language: Japanese
Description: (2.58 MB, 2:49)
Oh, I'm sure no matter who you are, it always stays the same
You must fight against yourself

A very cute song ♥ One of those catchy-almost JPop song but you know it's still has a little bit of JRock in it. This song makes me just want to dance all day long~
Download: [mirror 1] [mirror 2]

6. Song: Black Stone
Artist: Gackt
Genre: JPop
Language: Japanese
Description: (3.74 MB, 3:16)
If I close my eyes, you're here smiling even now
The thing that always gave me courage more than anyone
Black Stone

Not quite that new anymore (though it was released within the past two months or so) but definitely a favorite, which says a lot since I've kind of started fading out of the Gackt trend. But he's definitely caught my attention with this ♥
Download: [mirror 1] [mirror 2]


7. Song: Devil's Trill
Artist: I'm not quite sure ^^;; It was played in Yami no Matsuei
Genre: Instrumental (mainly violin)
Language: N/A
Description: (3.50 MB, 3:47)
No lyrics
Quite lovely, really. I'd love to hear this in real life ♥ It starts off a bit slow but makes up for it in the rest of the 3 minutes of the song ^^ Just a note, this is a WMA file, *not* a MP3 ^^;;
Download: [mirror 1] [mirror 2]

8. Song: Invoke
Artist: T.M. Revolution (OP for Gundam Seed)
Genre: JPop
Language: Japanese
Description: (9.93 MB, 4:20)
Exposed in a flickering instant that flew by too fast
I can't reach anything alone
These mere wishes and fading words

T.M.'s most famous song ^_^ It's very nice but just a tad bit overrated ^_^;;
Download: [mirror 1] [mirror 2]
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