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{rotation 3}

Meep, already got the songs uploaded but I promise to do your request next week, Miny-chan ^^x

Hmm...I'm wondering if I really need to upload each song three times...not too many people are downloading .__.;; Ah well. I'll just cut to two mirrors next time until more is needed.


1. Song: Kuria Sukai (Clear Sky)
Artist: Pierrot
Genre: JRock
Language: Japanese
Description: (5.00 MB, 4:22)
Can't seem to find the lyrics ^^;;;
One of Pierrot's oldest songs. Not a personal favorite of mine but still awesome. Mix between JRock and JPop and a very nice one at that.
Download: [mirror 1] [mirror 2] [mirror 3]

2. Song: Rashinban
Artist: Asian Kung-Fu Generation
Genre: JRock
Language: Japanese
Description: (3.50 MB, 2:32)
(translated) The compass of passion is always pointing to the future
The spider's threads come apart
They seem like they're going to break, and it moves along

Very nice ^^x I can't ever seem to pick a favorite AKFG song (actually yes I can but that's besides the point). Alternative Rock with lots of guitar.
Download: [mirror 1] [mirror 2] [mirror 3]

3. Song: Triumph in the Skies (Vung Troi Bao La)
Artist: Eason Chan
Genre: Ballad/Soft Pop
Language: Chinese (Cantonese)
Description: (3.17 MB, 3:27)
(translated)If you have to go far away tomorrow
I wish that you can keep our once happy memories

My favorite song of his <3 I think it's probably the first I've heard by him too. I can understand Cantonese (though when it's sung, it's heard for me to understand ^^;;) so I get the general picture of the song ^^
Download: [mirror 1] [mirror 2] [mirror 3]

4. Song: Weapon
Artist: Matthew Good Band
Genre: Mix between a ballad and rock? ~__~;;
Language: English
Description: (5.84 MB, 4:56)
Here by my side, you are destruction
Here by my side, a new colour to paint the world

First heard it in a Naruto AMV (any Haku fans would know...it's one of two Haku AMVs out there ;P). Just hit home base with this song ;-; Fits Haku so perfectly. Anyways, it's a rather sad song but very lovely indeed.
Download: [mirror 1] [mirror 2] [mirror 3]

5. Song: Ai Check It
Artist: Tackey & Tsubasa
Genre: JPop
Language: Japanese
Description: (3.47 MB, 3:47)
Again, couldn't find lyrics .__.;;
Yay for JPop! xDD Typical T&T. One of my favorites since WMP keeps choosing that song so many times o__o;; Meaningless and pointless song but easily stuck in your head ^^;;
Download: [mirror 1] [mirror 2] [mirror 3]

6. Song: Figured You Out
Artist: Nickelback
Genre: Rock
Language: English
Description: (3.52 MB, 3:50)
And now I know who you are
It wasn't that hard just to figure you out

My current fix <3 Be warned, there's a lot of sexual refferences in it ^^;; But that's what makes it so addicting >D
Download: [mirror 1] [mirror 2] [mirror 3]
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