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A little late, yes I know. But I just ended school today, meaning I've been studying my ass off for the past few days (ok, maybe not...but let's pretend I was ^_^) So now I'll have more time so...look forward to on time updates ^^;;

Also, I've decided to put atleast one Pierrot song in every update from now on ^__^x Trust me...I've got enough to last for atleast 300 updates :P

Last thing, sorry Kirsten ^^;; I thought I had "Creature"...apparently I don't ><;; But I did the other request :D


1. Song: Super String Theory
Artist: Pierrot
Genre: JRock
Language: Japanese
Description: (3.05 MB, 3:20) (translated) You met me like this at the same point and time
We gaze at one another, that's the answer

Probably one of the most recent Pierrot songs I've gotten. Sounds like a song Aiji would write...lemme go look it up xDD;; Whooo...I was right :P Anyhoo, it's a little softer, a little pop-ier than their usual stuff (Aiji's songs are a little more catchy, softer, and pop-y).
Download: [mirror 1] [mirror 2] [mirror 3]

2. Song: Delirium Trigger
Artist: Coheed and Cambria
Genre: Rock-ish? o__o;;
Language: English
Description: (6.58 MB, 4:47) Oh dear god, I don't feel alive when you're cut short of misery,
Will you pray it be the end? Give a look surprised wide eyes to me

Rather chilling song ^^;;
Download: [mirror 1] [mirror 2] [mirror 3]

3. Song: Made of Glass
Artist: Trapt
Genre: Rock
Language: English
Description: (3.25 MB, 3:33) Am I still breathing, have I lost that feeling
Am I made of glass 'cause you see right through me

The beginning reminds me of Frou Frou o__o;; Not as hard on the guitar as their more popular song, Headstrong, is, but it's still got a breath-taking melody. Vocals is great <3
Download: [mirror 1] [mirror 2] [mirror 3]

4. Song: Route 666
Artist: L'Arc~en~Ciel
Genre: JRock
Language: Japanese
Description: (3.08 MB, 4:28) (translated) Help me! Help me! She screams out
You wanna come along on...ROUTE 666

The first Laruku song I listened to <3 Hyde's as amazing as ever ^^ Catchy, yet not enough for it to be pop (if that made sense xD)
Download: [mirror 1] [mirror 2] [mirror 3]


5. Song: C'est la Vie
Artist: B*Witched
Genre: Pop
Language: English
Description: (2.66 MB, 2:54) Say you will say you won't, say you'll do what I don't
Say you're true. Say to me (yeeeeah) c'est la vie.

Requested by omgwtfyes. I think I heard this first on Pokemon or something...xDD;; Anyways, pop-y enough for anyone to boo at me u_u;; But pop is a guilty pleasure of mine :P So too bad xP
Download: [mirror 1] [mirror 2] [mirror 3]

6. Song: Chop Suey
Artist: System of a Down
Genre: Rock
Language: English
Description: (4.82 MB, 3:30) I don’t think you trust in my self righteous suicide
I cry when angels deserve to die in my self righteous suicide

Requested by advocate. First System of a Down song I heard...like most people ^^;; So I'm into mainstream rock...:P I heard it on a Naruto AMV xD Fell in love instantly <3
Download: [mirror 1] [mirror 2] [mirror 3]
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